What Our Gym Offers

Small Group Personal Training

Your workout customized for you! Our expert coaches will watch every move you make to ensure you’re doing things the right way, staying safe and seeing results!

Metabolic Burn

High quality, heart pumping group classes designed to burn calories, build strength and have fun! Our classes are always led by a coach..

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching that works. Get off the dieting Merry Go Round! Our custom nutrition coaching is designed to get results, work with your life, be sustainable or and did we mention… Get Results?!

Athlete Training

Take the guesswork out of your training. For over 13 Years NEPA Fit Club has been helping athletes play at the next level from high school to division 1 and the Pro’s through our Speed Strength System.

Baseball & Softball Performance

Throw Harder, Run Faster and Hit for More Power. Training athletes from middle school to MLB, we have spent the last 13 years perfecting our formula so that you can dominate on the field and unlock your full potential!

Community and Support

The missing link to your success! We make sure that you never have to go it alone. We provide accountability so that you do what you say and finally get results. We never judge, only help!. When you are at Fit Club – you are family! Work out and work towards your goals next to awesome people just like you who are all looking to be the best version of themselves!

Certified Trainers

Our professional, certified coaches will design your workouts to fit your needs, your capabilities and your goals! All of our coaches are degreed and certified in the field and can adapt your workout to make sure you are always making progress and never feeling confused or stuck!


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