Small Group, Big Results: What is Small Group Training?

You may have wondered, what is small group training, and how is it different from personal training? Small group training is a fitness approach for those who want the benefits of an individualized workout with the motivation of a small group surrounding them. Much like one-on-one personal training, a trainer works closely with a group no larger than 4-6 people and curates a workout that will meet the fitness goals of each group member.

Benefits of Small Group Training

As small group training classes continues to gain popularity, its benefits are becoming more and more evident. Some primary advantages of small group training include enhanced motivation, personalized attention, and higher accessibility due to cost-effectiveness.

1. Enhanced Motivation and Accountability

Group members benefit from the mutual support, drive, and sense of community that small group training creates. People are more likely to push themselves further, maintain their accountability, and stick with their routines when they exercise or learn in a small, encouraging group. This social aspect may encourage higher commitment, allowing members to safely push each other to their limits and create better results.

2. More Personalized Attention than Traditional Group Classes

Small group training stands out from traditional group classes due to its ability to provide a more personalized and tailored training experience. A traditional group class is larger, 20, 30, or even up to 50 people, which means that the size of the group can hinder a trainer’s ability to consider everyone’s individualized fitness goals and journey. A personal trainer can consider the needs of each small group member without being overwhelmed by the amount of members in the group.

3. Cost Effective

If the benefits of personal training interest you, but the price scares you away, small group training might be the right call. Small group training tends to be more cost-effective than one-on-one sessions, sometimes at even a small fraction of the price, making it a more accessible option for individuals who cannot afford private training. The shared cost among members allows for professional guidance and expertise without the financial burden that may come with individualized sessions.

What is Small Group Training? The benefits of small group training in NEPA

Small Group Training vs. Personal Training

Small group and personal training have very similar objectives, often raising the question: what makes them different? Small group training is still personal training, and it’s essential to remember this. Personal training involves working with a fitness professional who tailors a workout specifically to an individual’s needs, goals, and fitness level. These professionals work closely with their clients to create a fitness program that considers the client’s health history, workout objectives, and daily routines. The only difference with small group training is that the fitness program may be tailored to all group members. At NEPA Fit Club, small group training provides an enhanced fitness community, all while still creating an individualized environment. The good thing about a small group is that it doesn’t take attention away from you or your needs- it just includes the needs of other members as well.

The Role of a Small Group Trainer

At their core, small group trainers are still personal trainers. A small group trainer’s objectives change slightly to consider more than one person at a time. The role of a small group trainer includes curating workouts to ensure they meet all group members’ needs, keeping motivations high, individually checking on each group member to make sure they are doing okay, and much more.

How to Choose the Right Small Group Training Program

Seeking a solid small group training program can take some time. Consider the benefits of small group training and how those benefits will align with their fitness goals. Take note of the environment the small group members and personal trainer create and see whether that fits you. Finding the right “fit” is important, especially if you’re just starting out- being comfortable where you train is pivotal to success!

Small Group Training Programs in NEPA

Location may be one of the things to consider when choosing the right small group training program, as being near your trainer is convenient, and convenience plays a significant role in maintaining consistency in your fitness journey. If you’re looking to join a tight-knit, encouraging community with small group training classes at a private gym in NEPA, consider NEPA Fit Club. Our certified personal trainers are ready to help you reach your goals today. Contact us today to schedule a class or for more information!


So, what is small group training? Small group training offers an effective fitness approach that combines the advantages of personalized workouts with the motivation and support of a close-knit group. By working closely with a dedicated trainer, usually in groups of 4-6 individuals, group members can benefit from workouts tailored to their fitness goals. With the right small group training program, you can experience a strong blend of individualized workouts and collective motivation, driving you toward your fitness goals in a supportive and dynamic environment.

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