5 Reasons Why Moms Should Consider Personal Training

1. The best way to take care of others is to take care of yourself

Moms are some of the most selfless creatures on the planet. Whether it’s working, shopping, cooking, providing transportation, or making sure everyone is bathed, clothed, and fed, there is always something to be done, and we know who is going to do it. 

Unfortunately, all of this running around leaves little time for YOU and few outlets for stress. Sure, there is wine and scrolling social media, but these can start to get out of hand and become self-destructive quickly. 

Personal Training, however, is constructive, so you are actually taking time for yourself and making yourself better. 

Now, imagine the person who continues to do all of those things without taking care of their health or making themselves a priority a few times per week versus the person who shows up healthy and is able to unplug for a bit. 

Which one of those two people is showing up better for their families? Who is less likely to feel overly tired, frustrated, and ready to snap or lash out? 

I think the answer is pretty clear. 

2. The mental benefits

Everyone these days talks about morning routines, breathing exercises, cold showers, meditation, mindfulness, etc. to be “your best self.” While all of these tools can be great, they also take up valuable time. You would love to breathe deep and do progressive body relaxation, but first, you must remove the tape that has been holding up your eyelids! Then you find yourself getting stressed that you can’t fit in the stress-relieving work. 

Exercise can be the “one-stop shop” for all of those things. Good training dampens stress hormones, increases feel-good neurotransmitters, teaches you to breathe correctly, helps you get deeper sleep, and puts you in a state of focus that could be compared to meditation. 

This is why I especially like personal training because it lowers the stress level by having a coach guide you, it makes sure that you are set up to experience all of the benefits, and it keeps you from wasting your precious time.

3. Having kids is rough on the body

There is nothing I hate more than when I hear some male personal trainer listening to a woman discuss how things are different and then pretend to care, but in reality, it is just “yeah yeah-ing” them to get them to stop talking. What’s really going through their head is “excuses …excuses” 

I should know. Hand up, full confession: that was probably me in my early twenties. I just didn’t get it, but now, being married with two kids and watching what my wife went through has given me an up-close look at the toll pregnancy can take on the body. In addition, we have worked with thousands of women in the Blakely, Scranton, and Clarks Summit areas for the past 15 years who wanted to get their “pre-baby body” back. 

Obviously, there is the weight gain component, but there is also the effect on the abdominal wall, the pelvic floor, and the chaos the hormonal cascades play on your joints, metabolism, and mental health. 

Another mistake people make is that they think it is just 9 months. That is surface-level thinking. After all the effects don’t just automatically reverse… it takes effort. Oh, and there’s that little matter of caring for that new baby and the changes in sleep cycles and stress that come with it. Next thing you know, you have a five-year-old and you start to wonder if you have to accept this current version as the “new you.” 

Personal Training allows you to get a focused outlet for this stress but also an accelerated path to restoring core strength, regaining muscle tone and dropping excess bodyfat so you can counteract the toll pregnancy took on your body and get you back to feeling more like yourself again. 

4. You don’t have to lose your identity

I have counseled so many people for nutrition and exercise. Every mother I have ever met has unequivocally said that being a mom was the best job they ever had. Yet, there was always a moment where there was a pause, and in that pause, you could feel this incredible sense of loss. 

The more I would question, the more they would speak and reveal, a the clearer it became: What they lost was their identity. 

Somewhere along the way, of changing diapers, washing clothes, making lunches, and driving all over creation, they became “ Jane’s mom” or “Joey’s mom.” Don’t get me wrong, it was a title they loved, cherished, and adored, but they didn’t want it to be all they were. 

You can still be you. You can still love who you are and show others how amazing you are. 

You don’t just have to be a great mom. You can be a strong, confident, sexy woman who also happens to be a great mom.

5. Personal training allows you to be a stronger, more confident mom… for life

Here’s the amazing thing about moms. They NEVER stop caring. From the moment the doctor hands over your baby to the moment you’re walking them down the aisle and then playing with their babies, a mother’s love never dims. 

But if you’re going to be there for all of it, 100% and showing up your best, you’re going to need to be your best. Taking care of yourself through exercise and good nutrition is extremely important. 

Personal Training is a great way to ensure you can chase after your toddler, keep up with their sports as they grow, and dance the night away at their wedding (while turning heads in your dress). 

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