Mystic Life Coach?

“ I will check in one time per week with you to give you my thoughts on how to best live your life”


Hey! I hope you had a great weekend. The Phillies swept, The Eagles won and my kids made it through the weekend unscathed. All in all a success.

The above quote was one that I took from a friend’s social media account. Now I don’t mean any ill will but when I saw this I was intrigued. I clicked on the post and did a little investigation and saw that they are now selling their services as a “Mystic Life Coach”

Apparently a mystic life coach (I’m not sure if that should be capitalized) reads your energy and helps weigh that with their experience to give you advice on how you should best move forward.

Cool. Hey, maybe they do. I don’t know.

What I do know, is that if you scroll down ( and not that far down)  you will see a person who was constantly asking for advice and help. Someone who they themselves said “lacked direction”.

I also know this because this person had told me as much personally.

Now, I hope nothing but the best for them. I hope they have turned a corner and found sincere, honest happiness.

In fact, this email isn’t about them. It’s about you.

Raise your hand if  you have looked at others and felt envy?
(I’m raising my own hand right now by the way)

Have you looked at others and wondered why it all seems so easy for them…

They’re in shape, they vacation, they cook, they craft, they read, their clothes fit great…

We see this and we start to feel bad about ourselves …

We use self deprecating humor or post memes to make fun of ourselves

But remember “Comparison is the thief of joy”

The truth is, so many people only show the perfect…. Perfect is not real.

As the cliche goes…the struggle is real.

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being better.

We have been working with at least 10-12 new men and women each month for our 30 day Challenge and it has been amazing to watch people come in and go from feeling lost and frustrated to hopeful and happier in a few short weeks

So what can we do

We can take steps forward…

We can organize, we can work out, we can get an extra ½ hr of sleep, we can get off of social media and we can eat better.

But we will never do any of those things perfectly. Because perfect doesn’t exist.

You don’t need a mystic life coach to tell you that. You just need a little honesty and the desire to get better. Here’s to better!


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