Does More = Better??

I had a consultation with a parent the other day and a rather nervous looking 15 year old girl sitting next to her…

Now let me be clear, this girl was not nervous because she was afraid to work, or afraid to fail or even nervous to be around adults.

Far from it.

She was well spoken and mature beyond her years. She was also very athletic.

No, the reason this girl was so hesitant?


Her mom handed me her schedule and it was so tight it probably rivaled most adult’s, including the busiest CEOs.

It was incredible.

This girl who was extremely driven (she actually woke up early every day to do her own home workout she came up with for herself), was quaking at the thought of adding one more thing to her schedule…

But she also wanted to get better.

Maybe you can relate?

In fact,  I’m sure you can.

These days it seems like everyone that comes in is busier than ever.

But there is a difference between being busy and being productive.

See, there are very few things more valuable than our time and our health.

If we think of these like a bank account, we can understand that when we start off with a decent amount in the account, we can withdraw some funds without too much consequence.

However, the more often we withdraw ( the busier we get ) or the larger withdrawals we make (weekend tournaments, travel, nights without sleep) the quicker we drain the account.

Then all of a sudden we can’t do as much of what we like (perform as well) and before you know it, we’re left with little to show for our efforts , other than frustration.

That’s why I like to look at our NEPA Speed Strength Academy program as  a deposit or an investment.

Yes, it also takes some time, but it gives back so much more.

Our program helps athletes:

Get Stronger so that you can perform better with less effort

Get Faster and more explosive so that you control the speed of the game

Develop more quickness and stamina so that you move better and accelerate recovery

Become resilient against repetitive stress and nagging injuries

Sharpen your mindset to help manage your thoughts, your emotions and beat overwhelm.

NEPA Speed Strength Academy’s Summer performance block is the BEST investment an athlete can make, in fact we’re so sure of it -we’re offering a money back guarantee if you don’t see results.

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