Body fat …How do you measure up?

What does your body fat tell you about your health?

We have a clinical grade scale that we use at my gym to help determine each client’s bodyfat %.

See, we don’t really care about how much you weigh or the number on the scale. We do however care about what makes up that weight.

That is why we track our fat loss client’s bodyfat % to determine their progress NOT their weight

It’s a really simple procedure (it takes like 30 seconds). It’s  not like the old days when I would have to use calipers a.k.a “the pinchy things” after just meeting someone.

I would literally grab an adult stranger’s naked skin, pull it and pinch it.

I can’t believe I wasn’t slapped more…

On a more serious note, I’m glad that we can offer this in a simple non-invasive way because the number is important.

If you look at the chart that I’ve included in this email you can see that category At Risk which really means obese and all of the things that come with it

Now, In my experience I think the chart is a tad bit aggressive on that category… but not by much.

Consider that the average woman that comes in to see us is 30+ years old at 40 % bodyfat

The average man is 35+ at around 30% bodyfat

Both in the at risk category. 

The problem is that things don’t tend to get easier as we get older. They actually get more difficult.

Then that bodyfat begins to accumulate and compound until you end up feeling frustrated and at times, hopeless.

If you throw on top of that, taking pills for things like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol.

It literally feels like its robbed you of your youth.

That’s why it’s important to take action now.

It’s also why I feel so strongly about what we do at NEPA Fit Club.

We’re literally changing lives.

It’s why we do challenges.

The average bodyfat % lost in our challenges is 3%

We’ve had people lose as much as 8%. We’ve had people stay on for a year and lose almost 20%.

People that have gone from obese to athlete.

That’s life changing.

We know that 4 weeks isn’t long enough to completely change a life.

 But it could be the jumpstart to get the process started.

If you’re ready…click here to get started with our 30 day Lean by Halloween challenge:

Can’t wait to see the changes you make!