What one of the world’s best coaches had to say

The above quotes come from Eric Cressey, director of strength and conditioning for the New York Yankees.

Look, it’s understandable. So many people want to get better at their sport, so they play their sport (or sports) more.

But you need to take time to work on your body.

Of course, you need skill.

But putting skill into a bigger, faster and more powerful frame never hurt anyone..

It separated them.

NEPA Speed Strength Academy’s Summer performance block kicks off :

Assessment week – Week of June 6th

Block Begins – Week of June 13th

Assessments help us ditch cookie cutter programs and that’s why we require every athlete to participate in them.

Spots are limited- Only 5 athletes per coach per session. Once spots fill they are closed.

Reserve your spot here: https://app.coachcatalystplus.com/v2/preview/sYSA1VRF22jH590xd5yA?notrack=true