Vince's Testimonial

In June 2011, I began going to NEPA Fit Club to take semi-private training sessions. I heard many great things about Mike and what he was accomplishing. Mike did not disappoint and exceeded my expectations – he helped me set goals that I wanted to accomplish and designed specific workouts to help me achieve those goals. It is two years later and I will be turning 40 this year. I could honestly say I am in the best shape of my life. Going to NEPA Fit Club has become part of my life and rarely is there a day when I do not feel like going.

NEPA Fit Club is a superior facility that has a great staff and atmosphere.

Every workout is goal specific and has variety. Mike does an excellent job at differentiating the workouts and prevents any type of boredom. One of the most impressive things at NEPA Fit Club is the variety of age groups and people with different goals. I have seen Mike and his staff work with high school age, college age, young adults, middle age, and older. I have two younger sons who are involved in athletics and would not hesitate to send to Mike in a few years. Keep up the great work Mike, and thank you NEPA Fit Club! All of your hard work, time, and dedication is greatly appreciated.

– Vince Tomassoni