Summer Fun is Done- Get Lean By Halloween!

Did you have fun this summer? Maybe a little too much fun?

I know I did. In fact, I’m thinking of one particular August day.
It was hot, I was already uncomfortable. My clothes were sticking to my skin and even though the heat made me not want to eat…I was somehow still hungry.

That was probably because of the beer I had been drinking or the chips and pretzels I had been picking at…

That potato salad had been sitting on the counter long enough to make it through the first two Godfather movies …but still I was going to risk it..

Ahh.. the summer party

Maybe you had a moment like this this past summer?

See, the crazy thing that I’ve been hearing from clients and that I’ve experienced from myself is just how our schedules seem to have shifted.

The old thought was that you’d only have to worry about packing on some extra pounds in the winter. Generally this looks like the end of October into the New Year. Then of course come the resolutions.

Now, however, things seem to have changed.

Summer starts Memorial Day weekend and then the chaos beings with 

  • Cookouts and parties, 
  • MORE travel than ever before
  • Kids with CRAZIER schedules than ever before
  • Summertime weekend (weeknight?) cocktails

This continues through Labor Day weekend up until school starts.

The scary thing…those extra pounds that come in the winter…they’re still a thing too.

That means we have 4-8 weeks to get our you know what together so that things don’t begin to snowball and we come into the new year out of our hibernation looking more like Winnie the Pooh.

If you’re ready for a reset. If you’re ready to get your stuff together for the next four weeks then I think you’re going to want to hear about this …

We’re opening registration on our 30 Day LEAN by HALLOWEEN fat loss challenge.

We’re going all out for this one ..

  • Custom Personal Training Workouts
  • Unlimited Fat Burning Metabolic Workouts
  • Done for you Meal Plan
  • Your Own Accountability Coach for support and to make sure you get results
  • Weekly Inbody Body fat Tracking
  • Private Inner Circle Group with support, bonus workouts and recipes

The Challenge kicks off October 3rd. We’re going to offer 10 open spots and Registration closes Sept 29th. 
If you’re ready now and know this is the right fit for you click on this link and to fill out our form :

PS. We are rewarding people who are serious about losing fat and take action! Even though the challenge kicks off October 3rd we’ll get you started as soon as you sign up at no extra Charge. Sign up today and get two weeks absolutely free (including all the bells and whistles)!
Day 2: Want two weeks at the gym for free?

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