NEPA Fit Club Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training In Clark Summit

Your workout customized for you! Our expert coaches will watch every move you make to ensure you’re doing things the right way, staying safe and seeing results!

Wanted to get started with personal training risk free? Book your no sweat intro below!

Training With Us

NEPA Fit Club isn’t your run-of-the-mill gym. We offer an individualized approach to fitness and nutrition. We design programs for people over 30 with busy schedules. With affordable small group training sessions, you get all the personal attention you need while working together with peers in a fun, uplifting environment. It’s never been more enjoyable to get in shape!

  • Work directly with expert fitness instructors who challenge you, without requiring you to overexert or possibly injure yourself.
  • Rely on classmates to boost your spirits when you’ve got low energy or are unmotivated.
  • Small group training sessions offer the one-on-one interaction you’d get with personal training, at a lower cost.

The Accountability You Need

Most gym memberships don’t come with any accountability. You sign up for a membership and then never return, even though you still pay for the service month after month. Small group personal training sessions make you accountable for showing up, giving it your all and having a good time. The one-on-one attention from your trainer, coupled with the support of your workout buddies, makes all the difference.

Get Started Now

Your career as an athlete only spans so many years. The clock is ticking on optimal performance. Get started with NEPA Strength Speed Academy today to reach your peak sooner.


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