Metabolic Burn

High quality, heart pumping group classes designed to burn calories, build strength and have fun! Our classes are always led by a coach and scaled so that all fitness levels- from brand new beginner to seasoned gym goers- can get a safe, high quality work out!

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Large Group Training Sessions

NEPA Fit Club aspires to help every client achieve their wellness goals. Many are hesitant to explore options for personal training because they worry about the cost or time commitment. Our Metabolic Burn training sessions provide you with one-on-one input from fitness trainers while working side-by-side with other people just like you. Burn those calories and feel better than ever before with our large group training classes!

  • Your fitness routine is a group effort as you build friendships with new workout buddies.
  • Receive the guidance and recommendations you need to exercise more effectively.
  • Inspire others to work towards their goals as you similarly strive to achieve your benchmarks.

Fitness Training In Groups

Every person wants to change something about themselves. From a slimmer waistline to greater upper body strength, everyone aspires to be better. At NEPA Fit Club in Blakely, PA, you’ll find the support, accountability, resources and personal attention you crave. Trust our highly-trained instructors to offer you the one-on-one attention you need, while other members to inspire and challenge you.

Get Started Now

Your career as an athlete only spans so many years. The clock is ticking on optimal performance. Get started with NEPA Strength Speed Academy today to reach your peak sooner.


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