Lyn's Testimonial

I was never a gym enthusiast; I have tried personal training and have taken many fitness classes in the past and was never able to stay consistent or motivated. When I scheduled my assessment with Mike at NEPA Fit Club, I had no idea what to expect, yet when my assessment was complete, the decision to join was an easy one…. JOIN!

My goals were pretty simple (so I thought!)… Lean out and get strong! When you think about hiring a trainer, it’s a BIG decision. You are basically taking your goals and asking someone to help you get there. To find a trainer that can actually help you achieve “your goals” is not as easy as you think! When I began training at NEPA Fit Club, I was very impressed with Mike’s extensive knowledge regarding versatility, muscle function, and nutrition (just to name a few!)

NEPA Fit Club makes it easy to “want” to work out.

As a matter of fact, the days I am not there, I wish I was!! Three years later, I am still learning, still motivated and GETTING STRONGER! NEPA Fit Club has helped me achieve goals I never thought possible, goals I would have NEVER considered without Mike’s dedication to my program. NEPA Fit Club has given me the “appreciation” of true fitness, health and strength.

– Lyn Krisiak