Ali's Testimonial

I’ve been a member of NEPA Fit Club on and off for a few years. I am most definitely at my best both physically and mentally when I am “on” with my training.

The new facility is amazing, and I couldn’t ask for a better trainer, coach or person than Mike Marcinek.

He makes each workout a challenge, each milestone a recognized accomplishment, and each stumble something that we will “work on”. One of my very favorite things about the gym is that beyond the challenges and goals met and almost met, Mike always asks, listens, and will modify a workout when you aren’t at your best. Every client is an individual, every workout is made especially for you. I have walked into many sessions with pain, and walked out feeling much better because my workout that day may have consisted of exercises and stretches to alleviate the pain. Committing to NEPA Fit Club is one of my best life decisions, I would recommend the gym, the trainer and the healthy environment to anyone. You are certainly worth it!

– Ali Hanyon