10 Reasons you aren’t losing Fat

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it but also about fat loss and it got me thinking as to what we address with the program and why it is so successful.

So with that in mind I created 10 reasons you’re not losing body fat focusing on the problems that the Lean by Halloween program solves.

  1. You eat too many calories

It’s just simple science. We can talk about macros and hormones and things like that that actually do play a role but whatever the problem is it ultimately leads to a result that does not allow us to burn body fat

  1. You don’t eat enough 

Yes, this seems to directly contradict the point above but not entirely. There are some people who have dieted too long that experience an adaptation to their metabolism that makes it much more difficult to burn fat at an appreciable rate. However this is not as common as many headlines make it out to be. What I see far more often is people who starve themselves throughout the day or week only to rebound and overeat in the evening, after a few days of dieting or on the weekends.

  1. You don’t eat enough protein

I would say something like 92% of the people that come in to see us with fat loss goals are NOT eating enough protein…nor are they close. Protein helps us build muscle, keeps us full and has the lowest calorie amount when you take into account it burns more calories to digest it. A sufficient protein has been the key to anyone we’ve seen make a stunning transformation

  1. You don’t strength train

Strength training helps us build muscle and achieve that toned look. It also helps keep us healthy and active as well as burn calories. The more muscle mass we carry the more calories we burn. That’s why crash diets that revolve around cardio leave us a little lighter, but also hungry and with a crashed metabolism that makes us destined to RE-GAIN what we lost and more because we burn less and WANT more. We don’t just want a smaller version of ourselves we want one that looks better and feels better too…for the long run!

  1. You don’t drink enough water

I think people tend to go crazy when it comes to water. They either drink none or they obsess but the truth is that we often mistake our thirst cues for hunger. Plus being dehydrated leads to lower energy, poor workouts as well as stiff muscles and joints that lead to us not wanting to move.

  1. You snack too much

This one may hurt but for the most part…snacking…kind of sucks. Let’s face it, there aren’t a TON of healthy snacks (that we want to eat anyway). Not only that snacking usually is too small to really make a dent in our hunger and even healthy snacks are pretty calorically dense. Finally, snacking trains our bodies to need snacks through gut hormones and also gives us more opportunities to overeat!

  1. You don’t get enough sleep/ poor quality of sleep

Lack of sleep is the worst. It’s like the whole next day you’re stuck with a yellow traffic light or driving with one foot tapping the break. Lack of sleep leads to increased hunger and stress as well as decreased motivation and muscle recovery. It also tends to robin us of hormonal processes that help us burn fat and build lean muscle

  1. You don’t eat vegetables

Our most successful clients focus on getting their veggies intake up. Not only do veggies provide important vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals but they also increase fiber, food volume and help decrease hunger with a relatively low caloric load. You can learn to enjoy vegetables or at least tolerate them. We can’t eat like an 8 year old when we don’t have the activity levels or metabolism of one!

  1. You diet hop too much

We all would love a miracle cure. That’s why we go from Keto, to macros, to Intermittent Fasting to Carnivore …to one meal a day…to this magic supplement then that magic supplement

The truth is you need to develop something realistic and sustainable…and then follow it.

    10.  You try to go it alone

 This isn’t easy. You start trying to eat better and creating a gym schedule. Then your kids   have snacks everywhere and your husband is craving pizza. The moment things get hard    you go back to what you know and end up in the same place. That’s why it’s important to have people in your corner: Friends, family, a partner or a community and team of coaches like with our Lean by Halloween challenge. Things will come up, make sure you  can navigate them or have people who can help you!

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